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Ikigai Restaurant

ІKIGAI is a signature Asian cuisine restaurant with a focus on the freshest premium seafood and original culinary techniques.

Situated on the first floor of the Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv, IKIGAI happily welcomes locals and hotel guests.

Guests are offered a wide selection of classic and signature rolls, sushi, sashimi, salads, as well as meat and seafood delicacies prepared on teppanyaki. The aquarium menu features fresh oysters and lobsters. IKIGAI also offers unique donabe cookware, in which dishes are served and smoked in front of guests.

The diverse menu is complemented by a considerable drinks selection, including exquisite European and authentic Japanese beverages such as plum wines, liqueurs, whiskey, sake, and beer.

In terms of ambiance, IKIGAI is a place of special comfort, tranquility, and privacy. The space is divided into several zones with different interior designs – for leisurely family meals, business discussions, evenings with a large company, or romantic dates.

Its central location in the heart of Kyiv on Yevgea Chykalenko Street, the presence of generators in case of power outages, parking, and shelter on the -2nd floor, as well as impeccable 5-star service make this restaurant a favorite spot for lunches and dinners.

Guests at the restaurant are always greeted with sincere smiles, pleasantly surprised by refined flavors, and immersed in an atmosphere of relaxation.

By the way, in Japanese culture, IKIGAI means a sense of purpose in life. They say if you have found your ikigai, then you have a reason to wake up in the morning. It's a special philosophy that helps find pleasure and joy in all daily activities.


Address: 29 Y. Chykalenka St., Kyiv
+38 044 537 45 37
+38 067 220 69 77

Opening Hours:
12 pm - 10 pm daily

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