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Cooperation spotlight: Ohmatdyt & Children’s Hospital Fund in Latvia
  • 01.02.2024
Air alarms, bombings, fears for life, blackout, difficulties in educating children during wartime, children's illnesses with all the trials and stresses - all this has become the reality of our lives and the subject of constant discussions, including with our regular hotel partners. Thus was born the idea of ​​a project on the psychological reha...
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Presentation of new paintings by the artist Iryna Tretyak
  • 20.12.2023
On December 20th, as part of the joint project ART Corner at the hotel, the renowned Ukrainian artist Irina Tretyak presented her new paintings. The artist showcased a series of paintings called Precious Colors of Life. "Nature is life and inspiration, energy and health," Irina Tretyak shares about the creation of this painting series. "Na...
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Save the childhood charity event at Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv
  • 27.11.2023
On November 26, Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv has the opportunity to provide a venue for Save the childhood charity evening. Ihor Korzh, the founder of Artistic Initiative charity foundation, Volodymyr Zhovnir, general director of the Ohmatdyt NDSL, and Okhmatdyt's doctors presented the project of creating a crisis rehabilitation center for childre...
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Dad of the Year 2023 all Ukrainian award in Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv
  • 06.11.2023
On November 5th, Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv hosted Dad of the Year 2023 all-Ukrainian award.This year, the award was focused on the Defender Dad, as the role of the modern man and father who is currently being redefined in Ukraine, with the archetype of the defender taking precedence. Of course, foremost protectors are our soldiers. However, the arch...
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Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv joined in providing humanitarian assistance
  • 11.06.2023
Due to the situation caused by the explosion of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Station by Russian occupiers, over 40,000 people residing in the Kherson region were forced to evacuate to safer areas due to flooding. However, these people had no food, clothing, or household items at the time of evacuation. We could not stand aside, so in the fi...
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A sum of 100,000 UAH was raised at the charity event "Your Way out into the World" at Premier Palace
  • 31.05.2023
On June 1, 2023, a large charity event called "Your Way out into the World" was held at Atmósfera restaurant by Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv. The event was organized in collaboration with the Mother's Heart Foundation.   Our terrace warmly welcomed guests and event participants, while Chef Ivan Bulavin showcased the establishment's signatu...
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На благодійному заході «Незламні серця» у Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv зібрали 1,7 млн грн
  • 30.04.2023
30 квітня 2023 році у Гранд Холі «Софіївський» Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv відбувся благодійний аукціон з метою збору коштів на придбання апарату «штучне серце» для реанімаційного автомобіля Інституту серця МОЗ України. Апарат дозволить проводити надскладні операції безпосередньо в евакуаційному реанімобілі, що транспортує поранених військових з ...
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"Legal Ramstein" – the most important event of March took place within the walls of the Dnister Hote
  • 01.04.2023
"Legal Ramstein" – the most important event of March took place within the walls of the Dnister Hotel.The hotel became part of a historic event - the international conference "United for Justice", which took place in early March in Lviv. These days, the conference halls of Premier Hotel Dnister have turned into a place of meeting and dialo...
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Over 600,000 UAH was raised during a charity auction for the Okhmatdyt Children's Hospital
  • 04.03.2023
During the "Year of Invincibility" charity dinner held on March 4, 2023 at the Grand Hall Sofyivskiy, over 600,000 UAH was raised for the Okhmatdyt Children's Hospital. The funds collected were donated to the hospital's Department of Ophthalmology and Eye Microsurgery to acquire modern diagnostic and surgical equipment necessary for treating childre...
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«Рік незламності» – благодійний вечір у Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv
  • 25.02.2023
4 березня 2023 р. у Гранд Холі «Софіївський» готелю Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv відбудеться благодійний вечір, мета якого – придбання сучасного діагностичного та хірургічного обладнання для відділення офтальмології та мікрохірургії ока дитячої лікарні «Охматдит».Щодня лікарі НДСЛ «Охматдит» діагностують та лікують хвороби ока у дітей з усієї України, ...
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