Lobby Bar

The most popular place for a rendezvous in Kyiv is the Premier Palace’s Lobby Bar. Although this bar is situated right at the center of the Hotel’s bustling life, it generously embraces both distracted business professionals and those looking for a little peace and quiet.

Why not set up that very important meeting at the Premier Palace’s Lobby Bar and be certain of its total success! The Lobby Bar’s business-like yet comfortable atmosphere is the perfect background for serious negotiations. We have 100 years of success backing us up! The Lobby Bar – where history is made. Be part of it!

Our updated Coffee Card is just one of the many factors that will create the necessary mood. It offers a unique selection of top-notch beans from around the world: OKOA, Dominican Repablic.

Lobby Bar: open 24/7

1st floor, tel.: +380 (44) 537 45 53 .