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Group Training Schedule      

Fitball– it's fashionable and effective! You exercise, using a special ball, which improves the work of the vertebrae, ensures the activity of the muscles of the back, shoulders, waist, chest, neck, abdomen, arms and legs. Stretching on the ball contributes to an excellent recovery of the body after physical exertion.
Expander Training - this is a power exercise in aerobic mode, using an expander. The expander is a simulator that is based on the force of compression or stretching, contributing to the development of all muscle groups. The optimal distribution of power and aerobic loads will give your body elasticity, good posture, and reduce the fat layer.
Abs+Flex – training the abdominal muscles and stretching the main muscle groups.
Yoga - a world-known programme for reviving physical and emotional comfort. The practices used within trainings allow improving not only physical state but also learn how to concentrate attention. Duration of a class is from 60min.
Functional Training – a power training of high intensity resulting in huge loss of calories, developing coordination, agility, improves a body postureand perfects abdominals.
Aqua cardio - a medium level training in middle water with aqua gloves aimed at training a cardiovascular system and burning fat. Duration– 45min.

Aqua dumbbells
– a class with aqua bars in deep water aimed at training muscles of upper limb girdle, abdominals and back. It helps correct body posture and work out all muscle groups. Equipment:a belt,bars,gloves. Duration– 45min.
Tае-Bo – a high intensity aerobic training with elements of martial arts techniques,which not only tones your muscles but also helps master basics of the simplest hooks that may be of use for self-defense.

Kids fight - a lesson, where your child will learn basic protection techniques, cultivate one's fortitude, acquire endurance and develop dexterity and flexibility.

Kids swimming - a lesson where children will learn how to swim and breathe properly in the water. It is recommended for children aged 7-12 years old.

SLIDE - a training session carried out on a special mat with slippery surface aimed at improvement of motor coordination, balance development, strengthening joints and gaining tonus for major muscle groups.

KIDS’ CHEERLEADING – are classes involving elements of choreography, acrobatics, gymnastics and oratory. During this workout children will improve their physical fitness, flexibility and coordination.

АВТ&LBT - a workout aimed to strengthen and develop leg muscles, abdominal press and correction of hips and buns in order to strengthen the lower body. It is recommended for all skill levels.

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