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Art Menu

  • 14.12.2016
A menu can truly be called an important part of any event. It is not just a list of dishes. The menu sets a major tone of the event, highlights its level as at first we devour dishes with our eyes and only then taste them.

For the most demanding guests that appreciate individuality and are well-versed in gastronomy, we have prepared an unusual Art menu. Premier Palace Hotel’s Chef, Viktoriya Oncheva, has put her heart and talent into the creation of this special furshet offer.

Each item is a work of culinary art. It is not only a perfect combination of tastes, but also an incredibly beautiful serving.
Menu items are not inferior to the haute cuisine in miniature serving dishes. Only premium quality products are used for their creation.

All items are elaborated to the smallest detail and represent works of art. We are talking about seafood, fish and meat dishes in various culinary themes ranging from classic European to modern ones with pan-Asian notes.

Desserts deserve a special mention. They are miniature copies of the recognized culinary masterpieces such as violet panna cotta, chocolate fondant and many other well-known desserts.

The extensive art-menu allows you to create original refined buffet, which is highly competitive with fine dining restaurants in terms of taste and serving and is able to surprise any gourmet.