The Indian Ocean and Polynesian Trip

  • 27.01.2016
The ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, said: “Everything changes and nothing remains still”. Everything changes so rapidly these days that we are speeding up our life tempo to be in trend with the new innovations. However, we often forget to enjoy our lives in this rush.
The Premier Palace Hotel Fitness Club invites you to take a trip into the world of beauty and relaxation together with the Indian Ocean and Polynesian rituals.

The Indian Ocean Ritual is a relaxing procedure including:
  • sweet and salty scrub with the Ayurveda massage elements and Eastern techniques,
  • tender cream body wrapping that nourishes, softens and revitalizes your skin.
Such a magic ritual will let your body experience full relaxation and peace of mind.

The Polynesian Spirit Ritual is an anti-stress procedure including:
  • exotic island scrub
  • Mahal massage
  • the Polynesian holy oil.
During the ritual, you can relax and revive your natural beauty as well as treat yourself with traditional Polynesian rituals recreated by Thalgo. Compliment yourself with a trip into the world of beauty and relaxation today!

To schedule your appointment, please call: +38(044) 244 12 39