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"Jazz. Premier. Thursday "- jazz nights with Alexey Kogan

  • 14.11.2017
On November 16th, the Premier Palace Hotel Lobby Bar invites you to experience the atmosphere of Brazilian jazz! 
The night promises to be vibrant and exciting! 
While enjoying the charming vocal of Laura Marty and the jazz band, you will imaginatively visit Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, where the sun is bright, sand is hot, ocean is crystal and danced are vigorous. Our friend Aleksey Kogan will traditionally host the night kindly revealing you all the most interesting things about Latin salsa and bossa nova! 
"Jazz. Premier. Thursday" for people who have an eye for intellectual music! 
Jazz. Premier. Thursday 
Premier Palace Hotel, 1 floor, Lobby Bar 
T. Shevchenko blvd./ Pushkinskaya str., 5-7/ 29 
 To book a table, please call (044) 244 12 00 
 Price per night starts from UAH 300 per person. 
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