• 05.10.2018
The 9th season of «Jazz. Premier. Thursday» concerts, which had already gained the status of iconic event of the city, will take place in legend hotel.
Aleksey Kogan, a famous radio host, art director of Leopolis Jazz Fest, producer and one of the most respected jazz musicians in Ukraine will be the entertainer on each evening.
Premier Palace Hotel revives the jazz culture, adapting it to a more modern concept. You will hear interpretations of world hits, everlasting theme tunes from movies and modern jazz improvisations performed by leading jazz musicians.
All jazz evenings at Premier Palace Hotel are premiere: each concert is performed by new jazz band, which prepares the original thematic program.
The appearance of guest performer, a world jazz star, whose name is kept under wrap until the event, will be the biggest surprise for jazz connoisseurs. 
Another exclusive feature of the 9th season of «Jazz. Premier. Thursday» is the venue – the ceremonial Premier Hall with its unique energy.
Price: 950 UAH
Welcome drink: Prosecco
Jazz evenings will be held on October 18, November 8 and December 6.
Beginning: 20.00.
Information and booking of tickets: +38 (044) 244 12 00
Address: Premier Palace Hotel, 1st Floor, Premier Hall
T. Shevchenko Blvd./Pushkinska Str. 5-7/29.
«Jazz. Premier. Thursday» – intellectual music for people of taste!