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"We support Ukraine in the war with russia" says the shareholder of Premier Palace, Vilis Dambins

  • 25.06.2022

Vilis Dambins, who was in Kyiv when the war started, has returned to the capital of Ukraine to support Ukrainians who are heroically resisting russian military aggression.

Vilis Dambins is a citizen of the Republic of Latvia and one of the shareholders of the European group of companies FINANCIERE, which is the owner of the following Ukrainian hotels: Premier Palace Hotel, Premier Hotel Lybid, Premier Hotel Slavutych, Premier Hotel Dnister, Premier Hotel Odesa.

"I unequivocally condemn Russia's military aggression against Ukraine, launched in 2014 in violation of all existing principles of international law and democratic world values. This is an unprecedented brutal crime for which there is none and cannot be any excuse," said Vilis, "I support active volunteering, which has been initiated by the management of our hotels and has been ongoing from the first days of the war. Helping the National Guard of Ukraine, units of the State Emergency Service, territorial defence, volunteer organizations, hotel employees and their families is our contribution to the victory of Ukraine."

Shareholder of Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv Vilis Dambins and General Manager of Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv Olexander Buy