What are the kaiseki sets?

  • 21.10.2016
IKIGAI Restaurant  is famous for "Kaiseki" - a traditional Japanese meal where the dishes are cooked in a certain way, are served and replaced with a symbolic order. This ancient tradition goes back for more than 500 years. Today, even in Japan, kaiseki sets are served only in a few restaurants.

Kaiseki set in IKIGAI - is a consistent serving of maximum 12 dishes. It is not only gastronomic but also aesthetic pleasure, which will be remembered for a lifetime. The process itself teaches deliberateness, ability to enjoy the moment and appreciate the time spent in the good company with delicious food. 
With each new dish kaiseki will open a new note of Japanese cuisine, turning it into a perfect symphony. 

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Kaiseki sets are waiting for you at the following address: 29 Pushkinskaya str.