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To the Baths!

  • 18.01.2018
You have to agree that, given the weather these days, a visit to the sauna or steam baths is just the ticket to relax, strengthen your immune system, and spend a few fun hours in the company of your friends. 

Our special bath treatments contribute to body’s deep cleansing, muscle relaxation, relieving the feeling of fatigue and restores vitality. 
Depending on whether you prefer dry steam sauna bath or Roman steam bath we recommend to try: 
Imperial style steam bath with besoms Procedure lasts 90 minutes and consists of natural peeling with honey or coffee, steaming with two kinds of besom treatment, and hydration with nourishing milk. 
Final note of the procedure is a cup of tea, which you can choose according to your taste.
“Oriental inspiration” A 90 minute procedure that includes: Roman-style steam bath, followed by peeling with Kessa mitt and olive oil soap, soapy massage, and moisturizing with cream, accompanied by plentiful fresh hot tea of specially-selected herbs and grasses. 
Folk wisdom says, “While the body steams, your health recovers.” 
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