Tea Magic at the IKIGAI Restaurant

  • 13.01.2017
A cup of green tea for Japanese is a symbol of communication and guarantees a pleasant conversation or a successful negotiation.
At the IKIGAI Restaurant, this traditional Japanese beverage occupies a separate rightful place. All the tea in the tea menu is chosen by a professional tea sommelier.

We recommend trying green tea Gyokuro Tensho, which grows only in Japan. It's made from the flesh of tea leaves is grown in a shaded plantation located in the province of Uji, Japan. This tea is a refined appetizer preparing you for eating. Its aroma and taste relaxes, its aftertaste sweetness freezes time.

This drink is a sophisticated accompaniment to fish dishes. It refreshes and quenches your thirst. Blue-green shades of tea leaves and infusion bring to mind spring greens and the sea breeze.

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