Tabata - perfect body in 4 minutes per day in the Premier Palace Hotel Fitness Club

  • 21.03.2016
Want a beautiful and healthy body for the summer? Than the Premier Palace Hotel’s Fitness Club is definitely the place where you can make your dream come true!

We are launching a program of interval trainings following the Tabata Protocol. This is an absolutely new and dynamic format, where high-intensity trainings are cycled with rest, which allows you to work out all body muscles during the training.

Increased metabolism continues long after the workout allowing much more rapid fat burning than after usual trainings.

A set of exercises has been developed specifically to involve a maximum amount of muscles into the thorough workout. You will see obvious results in as little as 3-4 weeks of regular trainings.

Let’s get charged together! To sign up for the classes, please call: +38 (044) 244 12 39