What’s pole sport?

  • 05.04.2018
Pole sport came to Ukraine not that long ago, but it has already captured the imaginations of strong, beautiful women everywhere! 
The historical homeland of pole exercises is ancient India. 
That’s where men first began to engage in sports and acrobatics on the mallakhamb wooden pole. Today, pole sport is a combination of elements from artistic gymnastics, choreography, and acrobatics. What’s notable is that there are no age limitations to pole sport. Even kids can get involved! 
Another plus is the fact that your physical condition when you decide to start training on poles doesn’t matter! Even if you have never engaged in athletics and never picked up anything heavier than a ballpoint pen, if you really want to learn, if you train regularly, and if you conscientiously do all exercises required by your trainer, you’ll do well! 
In a very short while, you should notice yourself getting more flexible, your muscles more toned, and your coordination better. 
You will be able to see this in the shapeliness of your limbs, and, of course, in your growing self-confidence. 
If you’re looking for a place in the heart of downtown Kyiv to do pole sport, we’re waiting for you here at the Premier Palace Fitness Club starting April 1.
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