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«Secret Night» New Year Party for our dear partners
  • 06.11.2015
On December 4, at the Premier Palace Hotel’s Sofyyvskiy Grand Hall together with the Premier Hotels and Resorts, we held the New Year Party for our dear partners. It is no mere chance that the concept of the party was “Secret Night”. It is all because all our partners are special agents and special partners!The programme of the night included a ques...
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Enjoy the new gastronomic season with Viktoria Oncheva– the Terracotta Restaurant’s new Head Chef!
  • 04.11.2015
We invite you to enjoy the new gastronomic season with Viktoria Oncheva– the Terracotta Restaurant’s  new Head Chef! Viktoria has firmly expressed her vision of taste in delicious gastronomic ensembles and original food presentation, which definitely gives us the right to call Terracotta the restaurant of modern cuisine! The menu ...
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Coffee-to-go at the Lobby-Bar
  • 30.10.2015
What else can compare to a cup of invigorating and pure bliss coffee in the morning? Having a walk in the center of Kyiv or on your way to work, the Premier Palace Hotel is a great place to stop in for a flavored and refreshing cup of coffee – start your day off with pleasure from the finest taste! Whether it’s coffee-to-go or enjoying this f...
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Opening New Season 2015/2016 at the Terracotta Restaurant
  • 22.10.2015
On October 21, a glittering gala dinner marked the opening of new season at the Terracotta Restaurant. The Terracotta Restaurant’s opening was a true celebration of taste! Our guests have enjoyed the dishes from the signature menu from our new Head Chef – Viktoria Oncheva. She has firmly expressed her vision of taste in delicious gastronomic e...
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Marie Claire Touch & See Fashion Party at the Terracotta Restaurant
  • 15.10.2015
On October 14, the Premier Palace Hotel’s Terracotta Restaurant held the Marie Claire Touch & See Fashion Party. Straight after the show at Ukrainian Fashion Week, a Ukrainian designer Elena Burenina presented her “still hot” capsule collection. Numerous guests of the party, such as Alyona Vinnitskaya, Darya Shapovalova, Zlata Ognevich and...
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Premier Awards Party
  • 13.10.2015
On October 12th Terracotta Restaurant hosted the Premier Awards Corporate Party, where we had the opportunity to personally welcome our dear partners. The evening program was quite succinctly and interesting. At the beginning of the meeting the coordinator of Premier Awards loyalty program Marina Tomashevskaya described new features and b...
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Personal Flowin Pro Training
  • 01.10.2015
Have you heard about Flowin Pro Training? Flowin Pro - a new look at fitness, functional training for the entire body, the opportunity to develop a muscular corset, joint mobility and coordination. Starting October 1, we would like to invite you to experience a new format of Flowin Pro training at the Premier Palace Hotel’s Fitness Club. Class...
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The fourth “Jazz. Premier. Thursday” Season of Jazz Nights has begun!
  • 30.09.2015
On September 24, the Premier Palace Hotel’s Lobby Bar held first concert in the season of “Jazz. Premier. Thursday” The season was opened by our favorite host Aleksey Kogan and Valeriy Volkov Band with a new program called “Creators of new styles”. Throughout the night, Aleksey talked about such great musicians such as Ivan Lins, Flora P...
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Aqua Holiday at Premier Palace Fitness Club
  • 27.09.2015
On September 26, Premier Palace Fitness Club together with “Tvoi Malush” magazine held Aqua day for kids. Main guest was Vadim Oleynik, a popular singer and sportsman. After “Ar. money boys” duet sang the “Champions anthem”, the Champions Club’s swimmers performed a fabulous show.During the event, children were engaged in gymnastics, swimming master...
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Magic of Thai Massage at Premier Palace Hotel Fitness Club
  • 18.09.2015
Want to feel the inner harmony, tone your muscles up and revive self-regulation mechanisms in your body? Experience the magic of Thai massage at Premier Palace Hotel Fitness Club!Our Thai therapists will reward you with extreme lightness throughout your body and the greatest joy from the massage process!Premier Palace Hotel’s Fitness Club offers ...
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