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Pre-New-Year Mood with a Cup of Cacao
  • 15.12.2015
On these rare sunny winter days, we feel like doing shopping, treating ourselves with new outfits and delicacies! Cacao, for example! The Premier Palace Lobby-Bar gives you a chance to order a classic cacao drink with ginger, marshmallow or a “tower” of whipped cream. Enjoy the moment recalling your childhood memories with a cup of cacao an...
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The Most Brilliant Christmas Tree is at Premier Palace Hotel
  • 08.12.2015
Come on down to see the amazing Christmas Tree at the Premier Palace Hotel! Our winter beauty stands in its traditional place of honor in the Hotel lobby, brilliantly decorated with hand-made ornaments from the famous French designer, Mathieu Barrard. This year, we’ve added beautiful floral decorations from the Hotel’s floral service, so that you ca...
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The best in hotel business of Ukraine were announced
  • 08.12.2015
The fifth awarding ceremony of the annual national prize in the hospitality industry HOSPITALITY AWARDS 2015 was held in Kyiv. The main event of the year in hospitality industry of Ukraine was traditionally held in a black tie format with owners and managers of the country's best hotels, as well as the world's leading experts of the hotel sector. Th...
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Aufguss at the Premier Palace Hotel Fitness Club
  • 27.11.2015
Aufguss, came to us from German language and translates as “steam”, is a sauna ritual highly popular among Germans. It is designated to steam your body out. A couple of people enter the dry sauna room (90-100°C) for the ritual. The sauna master pours small portions of water infused with essential oils on the hot stones, which produces and raises...
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Third “Jazz. Premier. Thursday” Latin Music Night
  • 12.11.2015
On November 5, despite the drizzling rain and very autumn weather, the guests of “Jazz. Premier. Thursday” night came to enjoy Laura Marti’s beautiful voice and cast their minds to the coast of Havana and Rio de Janeiro, where the sun was shining, the atmosphere was cheerful, and hearts and souls were singing and dancing to exciting bossa nova a...
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Tae-bo - Total Awareness Excellent Body Obedience
  • 11.11.2015
Free yourself of negative feelings and get fit! We welcome you to Tae-bo classes at the Premier Palace Hotel Fitness Club. Tae-bo is a contact-free fitness program combining elements of aerobics, dance and marital arts. Practicing this kind of sports regularly, you will see positive results already in a month! We guarantee an excellent mood a...
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«Secret Night» New Year Party for our dear partners
  • 06.11.2015
On December 4, at the Premier Palace Hotel’s Sofyyvskiy Grand Hall together with the Premier Hotels and Resorts, we held the New Year Party for our dear partners. It is no mere chance that the concept of the party was “Secret Night”. It is all because all our partners are special agents and special partners!The programme of the night included a ques...
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Enjoy the new gastronomic season with Viktoria Oncheva– the Terracotta Restaurant’s new Head Chef!
  • 04.11.2015
We invite you to enjoy the new gastronomic season with Viktoria Oncheva– the Terracotta Restaurant’s  new Head Chef! Viktoria has firmly expressed her vision of taste in delicious gastronomic ensembles and original food presentation, which definitely gives us the right to call Terracotta the restaurant of modern cuisine! The menu ...
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Coffee-to-go at the Lobby-Bar
  • 30.10.2015
What else can compare to a cup of invigorating and pure bliss coffee in the morning? Having a walk in the center of Kyiv or on your way to work, the Premier Palace Hotel is a great place to stop in for a flavored and refreshing cup of coffee – start your day off with pleasure from the finest taste! Whether it’s coffee-to-go or enjoying this f...
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Opening New Season 2015/2016 at the Terracotta Restaurant
  • 22.10.2015
On October 21, a glittering gala dinner marked the opening of new season at the Terracotta Restaurant. The Terracotta Restaurant’s opening was a true celebration of taste! Our guests have enjoyed the dishes from the signature menu from our new Head Chef – Viktoria Oncheva. She has firmly expressed her vision of taste in delicious gastronomic e...
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