New Ramen Menu in the IKIGAI Restaurant

  • 03.05.2017
 In 2013, Japanese cuisine was added to the UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list, which has determined its status as a traditional cuisine being subject to preservation. However, in recent years, ramen has been the most popular Japanese food in the world.

In the popular mind, Japanese cuisine means only tempura and sushi. Ramen was previously classified as fast food and was associated with the Chinese cuisine until recently. However, the publication of 22 Ramen restaurants in the Michelin Guide in the 2014, confirmed the recognition of this dish as a separate culinary phenomenon and became a worldwide acceptance of ramen as an integral part of the Japanese cuisine.

Today, two Ramen restaurants in Tokyo are proud owners of the Michelin stars.
We, following the trends, continue to please you with a variety of Japanese cuisine and invite you to try the novelty of the season – Ramen Menu!

Ramen is a fairly simple dish with main components of wheat noodles and broth. There are a lot of varieties of ramen including one with a broth that is prepared for over 60 hours! Each restaurant hones to perfection the taste quality of its soups, trying new flavour combinations.

The menu for the IKIGAI Restaurant was created by our Chefs with the participation of Mihoko Obunai, the winner of “First Annual Ramen Battle” at The 10th Annual StarChefs International Chefs Congress.

We suggest you to try our five best ramen. For those who like spicy food, it is highly recommended to try Spicy vegetable Miso Ramen. In hot weather, a fine choice may be Cold vegetable Kuksu Ramen. Adherents of the classics may unequivocally give their preference to Shoyu Ramen with shrimp. Moreover, there are meat ramen in the menu: Tori Ramen with chicken “Sous Vide” and Tonkotsu Ramen with teppan-fried pork belly.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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