Please Meet Mikhail Labkovsky at the Premier Palace Hotel!

  • 07.02.2017
On February 18 at 4 p.m. the Premier Palace Hotel will host a meeting with the legendary psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky.

This public consultation meeting will be devoted to the topic of “How to improve confidence and realize your true desires.” Guests will have the opportunity to address direct questions to the psychologist and get meaningful answers. The purpose of this consultation is to learn how to accept and love yourself, to formulate and understand your desires and finally to allow yourself to do what you want.

The Premier Palace Hotel is glad to be a partner of this event and to welcome guests at the Sofyivskiy Grand Hall.

The Premier Palace Hotel,
2nd floor. 5-7 / 29 Shevchenko blvd. / Pushkinska str.