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Massage for Couples at the Premier Palace Fitness Club

  • 28.03.2018
What can be more exquisite than luxuriating in a Thai massage? 
Only a Thai massage that you are sharing with someone you love!
At the Premier Palace Fitness Club, we can help make that wish come true! 
We invite you and your beloved one to immerse yourselves in the delightful atmosphere created by the mysterious glimmer of candles, the silky, romantic scents of different oils, and the caring hands of our Thai masseurs. 
Every touch of the master’s hands on your body will bring deep relaxation to you and your partner. Every cell of your body will be warmed, every joint will be unwound, and all your energy will be released! 
 After your session, wrapped in fluffy white robes, you and your partner can share your sensations over a cup of aromatic tea to increase the effect of the massage. 
Do something delightful for yourself and the person you are closest to, today. 
Give the gift of health—and pleasure! 
To make an appointment for a massage for two, call us at: (044) 244 12 39 or (067) 503 78 79.