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Massage chair in the room

  • 15.12.2015
Specially for our guests – an individual massage chair*!
Massage chair is equipped with the latest features effec-tively relaxing the whole body.

All types of massage are included into the chair functions: an intelligent body positioning system, zero gravity effect, 3D sound and many other features a true massage lover and connoisseur can dream of.

Unique properties of the chair:
  • Foot massage treating each muscle;
  • Neck and collar area massage with zero gravity effect;
  • Infrared heat warming the whole body (in the area of vital muscles), which creates a Hot-Stone therapy effect (hot stone massage);
  • Twisting massage of pelvis and lumbus.

Price of the service: UAH 1,000 per day.**

Make an order by calling 802!

*The number of chairs is lim-ited.
**Pricing is based on the time fixed for checking-in and -out in the Hotel.

 One full day is considered to be finished at 12 p.m. on the day following the service commencing day.