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"Golden Shoe of Serge Lifar" - new mini sculpture in honor of 110th anniversary of the Premier Palac

  • 29.05.2019

Today, on May 29, in the framework of the “Look up” project, Kiev’s manager Yulia Bevzenko, together with the Premier Palace Hotel, presented to the guests a new city symbol - the mini-sculpture “Golden Shoe of Serge Lifar”, which is inscribed to the 110th anniversary of the Premier Palace Hotel. The opening was attended  by a performance of the Vaudevillian Theater “ Caricature” and the Red Woods musical trio.
The motive of installation was the life story of a famous Kiev resident, the world ballet star - Serge Lifar. In memory of the big-name ballet master of the Paris Grand Opéra, on the corner of the hotel, the 16th sculpture of the “Look up” project was installed.

As Marketing Director of Premier Hotel chain Tatiana Filippovich noted: “This year the Premier Palace Hotel is 110 years old and the mini-sculpture“ The Golden Shoe of Serge Lifar ”is our gift to the city as a memory of an distinguished resident of Kiev city, who was stringed along to his city through all his life.

Despite the fact that the most gibbous ballet choreographer of the 20th century lived in France for most of his life, he stayed in Ukraine with stout heart. History remembers Lifar’s statement: “I am Ukrainian, and I am proud of it.” So the choreographer refused the offer of Charles de Gaulle to obtain French citizenship.

Now Kiev residents and guests of the capital will be able to make acquaintance with the legend of "Shoe" and, rubbing it, reach fantastic heights.

For those who want to feel the atmosphere of the times of Serge Lifar, the hotel has a themed suite. Today, on its balcony there is a stunning view of the verdant Kiev and blooming chestnut trees of Khreshchatyk.

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