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Laguna Vitamin Bar

The Laguna Bar is inside the Hotel’s Wellness Club next to the pool, which is tiled in mosaics in the Romanesque style. The bar menu will please all those who are keen to lead a healthy lifestyle, as it offers non-alcoholic cocktails, a variety of freshly-squeezed juices and a balanced wellness selection.

Laguna Vitamin Bar: daily from 08:00 to 22:00
1st floor, tel. +38 044 537 45 62


Fruits and vegetables are considered best when they’ve just been harvested. This means the end of summer through the end of fall.

A mix of fruit and vegetable juices is not only tastier than either of them alone, but is also a great deal better for your health and easier for the body to absorb. Try it yourself: order small portions of, say, celery, and mix with orange, or drink the timeless classic, carrot and apple with parsley.

Fruit juices are high in fruit sugar, while vegetables are rich in minerals. Fruit juices cleanse, while vegetable juices restore the body. That’s why they make the perfect combination.

The value of medicinal herbs is that they add enzymes to the overall mix.

Our juices are prepared on a professional juice extractor with adjustable speeds for hard and soft fruits and veggies. That’s why our juices preserve maximum of health-giving abilities.

To your health – and a healthy appetite!