Kid’s menue at the IKIGAI Restaurant

  • 22.08.2017
While visiting as restaurant with kids, the one question that all parents are faced with is how to get their children to eat something nutritious and filling – and avoid any tantrums. 
At the IKIGAI Restaurant we have decided to tackle both of these challenges. Our special kid’s menu is based on the idea of high-quality, fresh nutritious products. 
 We offer our young gourmets-to-be such dishes as Ninja-rabit Kik-sushi-Oriki, Flat-fishy, and other tasty stuff with its funny names. 
 And especially for the Day of Knowledge (September 1), all restaurants’ young visitors will receive a pleasant surprise-gift! 
IKIGAI Restaurant
Address: 29, Pushkinska Str., Kyiv, Premier Palace Hotel 
Call: +38 (044) 537 45 37