Holiday Banquet and Catering Service

  • 14.12.2016
We will arrange the five star service and cuisine for you anywhere you wish! Would you like something unusual at New Year’s or Christmas? The only thing you need to do is to choose the location: in the suburban residence, museum or exhibition center, on an island or in the snowy botanical garden. Everything else is our responsibility.

Off-premise catering offered by the Premier Palace Catering provides a full range of high-quality services.
We strive to make the host of the holiday party and his or her guests enjoy a comfortable rest, relaxing atmosphere, delicious dishes and drinks, amazing table setting and decor. We create an environment that brings people closer and allows them to feel what a pretty thing a joint pastime may be.

Our highly qualified staff provides such a professional servicing that it seems as if dishes and drinks appear like a charm without the participation of other persons.

Your banquet or furshet organized by Premier Palace Catering will pleasantly surprise guests having the most exquisite taste and will leave a lasting positive impression.

New year celebration for your company starts at UAH 1 299 per person.

Call one of our managers by phone  +38044 244 12 22 and start planning today!