Goût de France / Good France 2018 Festival comes to the Terracotta

  • 21.03.2018
2018 is the fourth year that chefs from around the world are gathering to celebrate French cuisine at the Goût de France/Good France Festival.
Over March 16-25, some 3,000 chefs from five continents will be offering their exclusive French menus. Every participating restaurant will organize a dinner based on French cuisine that will demonstrate its ability to innovate and the values that it shares with the others. 
From March 19 to 25, Terracotta’s Chef will be offering guests:
  • pâté de foie gras with apple jelly
  • sea scallops on pasta with zucchini and white wine sauce
  • cheese platter with berries and caramelized walnuts 
  • Shu cake with raspberry cream 
To complement this delectable degustation, our sommelier will offer you the most appropriate wine to your taste. 
Come on up to the Terracotta! 
Bon appétit! 
Reserve your table by calling us at: +38 (044) 244 12 35.