The Most Brilliant Christmas Tree is at Premier Palace Hotel

  • 08.12.2015

Come on down to see the amazing Christmas Tree at the Premier Palace Hotel! Our winter beauty stands in its traditional place of honor in the Hotel lobby, brilliantly decorated with hand-made ornaments from the famous French designer, Mathieu Barrard. This year, we’ve added beautiful floral decorations from the Hotel’s floral service, so that you can breathe in the very spirit of the legendary Premier Palace. 

Several years ago, M. Barrard himself was invited to decorate our tree, as he is the owner of a design toy store in Lyon, France. His Christmas tree ornaments are known throughout Europe and his clients include world-famous movie actors, football players and politicians. Dressing the tree took seven hours this year: in order to make the most of its beauty, nearly 120 kilograms of toys were used. There were original balls of glass, wood, silk and other materials, flowers, elves and other fairytale denizens – all toys hand-made by Mathieu Barrard.

The master himself said that decorating the Premier Palace Hotel’s tree was a kind of record for him: this was his first creation in Ukraine and he had never decorated a tree taller than 3.5 meters. The Hotel’s tree is 5 meters tall!

These holidays, drop in to the warmest Hotel in Kyiv!