Yonka Oil Candle Massage at the Premier Palace Fitness Club

  • 18.10.2017
The stresses and emotions that we experience every day lead to deterioration of well-being, bad sleep and negatively affect the state of our body. Oil candle massage from TМ «Yon-Ka» will help to restore vitality of your skin, and sate it with tone and energy. 

During the massage, a soft glow from the candle will relieve tension, while the aroma of the essential oils of Siberian pine, Cypress, Virgin cedar, Yellow mandarin, will create an atmosphere where you will forget about all worries and completely immerse yourself in the world of pleasure and relaxation. 
Gradually, Yon-Ka oil-candle turns into a precious warm balsam with a delicate texture that awakens new tactile sensations. 
Simultaneously creamy and silky, embossing and caressing, it slides on your fingers and prolongs your body massage warmth creating a feeling of well-being and peace. 
To experience relaxation and pleasure, please dial +380 (44) 244 12 39, +380 (67) 503 78 79