Cajun Cuisine at the Atmosfera Restaurant

  • 11.05.2017
Cajun cuisine has become a novelty of the new season at the Atmosfera restaurant. It originated in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, and is a mix of different products, cultures, and traditions. Improvisation is a key feature of the Cajun cuisine.

These dishes are cooked simply and quickly over an open fire in order to conserve all the nutrients.
The main ingredients of the Cajun cuisine include seafood, fish, beans, rice, fruit and vegetables. However, a special flavour tone of most dishes is ensured by three main spices - pepper, onions and celery.

We recommend you to order Gambo soup and Spicy salmon with peanut sauce, spinach and shiitake in order to feel a magic taste of the Cajun cuisine!

To reserve a table please dial: (044) 244 13 04

Atmosfera Restaurant
Address: 5-7/29, T. Shevchenka Blvd. / Pushkinska Str., Kyiv
How to get there: use elevators 1-4 to the 8th floor of the Premier Palace Hotel, then take the winding staircase to the Restaurant
Call: +38 (044) 244 13 04


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