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Aufguss at the Premier Palace Hotel Fitness Club

  • 27.11.2015
Aufguss, came to us from German language and translates as “steam”, is a sauna ritual highly popular among Germans. It is designated to steam your body out.
A couple of people enter the dry sauna room (90-100°C) for the ritual. The sauna master pours small portions of water infused with essential oils on the hot stones, which produces and raises aromatic steam up to the ceiling. Using a towel, with certain show elements, the Aufguss master directs the hot air towards each participant.
Such ritual makes the body temperature raise, improves all body organs functioning and expels toxins.

Health is the greatest wealth we possess!
Be healthy and full of energy!

To order and learn the details of the ritual, please call our administrator at: +38 (044) 244 12 39